Prevent Injuries & Fatalities from Unsecured Dump Beds

Every year, serious injuries and fatalities occur in the workplace when unsecured dump beds fall on workers that are making repairs between the bed and frame. DUMP-LOK is a unique and simple solution that safely secures the dump bed, preventing injuries.


  • Optional flat top available for offset dump beds and trailers.
  • Can be used universally on any brand of dump box.
  • Can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed.
  • Designed with easy to grip handles, making each steel brace easy to carry and easy to install between the truck frame and dump box.
  • Fulfills OSHA’s recommendation for employers to protect employees from the hazards faced when working under a raised dump truck dump body by using an alternative “truck bed brace bracket”. (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006)

Available Models

NOTE: DUMP-LOK braces are strictly intended only for use in pairs.










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